Strom Living

Our Story

Beginning in 1972, Sign of the Crab has specialized in providing high-quality solid brass products for the home. After 45 years of excellence, Larry Jacobs and the Strom family transitioned ownership of Sign of the Crab, and Strom Plumbing by Sign of the Crab in July 2018 to become Strom Living. 

Strom Living will continue to build on the legacy left by Sign of the Crab, and to improve the overall customer experience by providing our customers with curated premium products, outstanding value, and unique service and support; all from a company that values authenticity and innovation.

Each fixture we produce is a reflection of our relentless pursuit of quality and improvement. All of our faucets are tested, and hand assembled before shipping from our facility in California.

From our high-quality cartridges, the weight of our brass, the proportionality of each faucet/tub component, and the feel of our handles, every facet of our products have been painstakingly curated, hand assembled and finished for every single customer. We also continue to welcome custom orders in terms of styles, finish, unique sizes, and component combinations. Our ability to cater to the discerning customer sets us apart in the industry. We look forward to serving our customers for the next 45 years!

Faucet Construction

Each item is individually assembled and tested in the United States. Our faucets are constructed with high quality, low lead brass. Our lavatory & kitchen faucets are lead free per California AB1953. They meet all current regulations with regard to lead composition.


Most of our cast iron tubs are IAPMO approved. Our tub legs are constructed of solid brass with either chrome or nickel plating, or our electrostatically applied Supercoat, Satin Black or Oil Rubbed Bronze finishes added. Our white tub legs are constructed of cast iron with premium gloss paint added. All of our tubs include adhesive non-slip strips for the consumer to install.

Valve Types

All faucets will be shipped with 1/4 turn ceramic valves. Our 1/4 turn ceramic cartridge uses 2 ceramic disks that rotate to open and close the valve, minimizing mechanical wear. Thermostatic valves control the constant output temperature of the faucet.