Moen Designs for Water

For over 75 years, Moen has thrived at the intersection of style and innovation. And with 1.5 trillion gallons of water running through our faucets each year, we feel a tremendous responsibility to make sure every one of your interactions with water is a meaningful one.

Presenting Water With Style

Our mission is to design products that fit your taste, and create the perfect look in your kitchen or bath.

Improving How You Control Water

Our technologies allow you to precisely control when and how you want water. They give you the power to manage water use in your home.

Energizing You With Water

Moen products don’t just make you look smart; they leave you feeling inspired.

What Does It Mean to Design for Water?

As a company we’ve given over to the power and beauty of water. Throughout our history, we’ve learned to respect and honor it. So that makes us a company that not only celebrates water, but that also happens to make faucets.