Electric Mirror

Creating Innovative Products

Serving the Hospitality and Residential Industries

Electric Mirror is the global leader in Lighted Mirrors and Mirror TV Technology™. We have been serving the hospitality and residential industries for over two decades with product lines that include Lighted Mirrors, Smart Mirrors, Mirror TVs, Waterproof TVs, Mirrored Cabinets, Corridor Lighting, Wardrobe Mirrors, and Makeup Mirrors. Electric Mirror’s presence in the luxury hotel industry is known throughout the design community as simply unsurpassed.


Electric Mirror is in more hotels than all of our competitors combined, making us the leader in Lighted Mirrors and Mirror TV technology. Since we first introduced Lighted Mirrors and Mirror TVs to the hotel industry over 16 years ago, we have proudly been on the cutting edge of the latest in design and new technology. We hold the leading market share in the Lighted Mirror industry and our luxury products are found in the hospitality, commercial, and residential markets worldwide.


Since Electric Mirror first introduced Lighted Mirrors and Mirror TVs into the hotel industry, we became the go-to company for high customization, original prototyping, energy savings, and complete product solutions, pushing the boundaries of creativity with the largest engineering team in the industry. Our history of 39 patents exemplifies our drive for innovation.

Global Presence and Support

With our global offices and worldwide support, our team of over a dozen engineers will work with you to produce the highest-quality custom design in accordance with your needs. You can rest assured that your vision and product selection will be carried out in an exacting manner, to local standards, and according to your plan. Our passion for global excellence is why Electric Mirror’s products are seen in dozens of countries worldwide and on nearly every continent.


By choosing Electric Mirror, you’re taking an important step in reducing your carbon footprint while beautifying the world. Our commitment to the environment has resulted in our Beautiful World™ Initiative; these are environmentally-friendly technologies resulting in products that reduce maintenance and energy costs.

Revolutionary and Customized Design

Whether it is engineering, product design, development, quick model room turnaround, on-site consultation, or overcoming a design issue, Electric Mirror is on your side every step of the way. Strong design and surprising technology make Electric Mirror’s products instantly communicate flawless luxury to discerning hotel guests and homeowners worldwide.

The Largest Team

Electric Mirror has over 350 employees working to create the best products for your needs. We are the biggest in the industry and you can be confident that we have top-quality employees walking you through the entire process of selecting, purchasing, and installing our Electric Mirrors.